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"Design and execution is at the core of any successful marketing campaign and we have the resources to achieve that for our clients" SSC Group LLC.

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We are always improving our services.

With the rapid evolution of online services, a strong focus on R&D is invaluable. Our team strives to remain on the edge of the technological and marketing curve. Here are a few areas we are working on:

  • iOS App integration
  • Android App integration
  • Affiliate-based marketing platforms

Please contact us to inquire about the availability of new services!

Our Services

Web & Mobile Development
Websites for the desktop - or on the go!
Content Management
Let us streamline your content delivery!
Viral Video
Effective branding and traffic generation!
Analytics & Consulting
Our campaigns are driven by results!

Results-oriented services

Without a strong focus on results, any marketing effort is just a waste. We offer our customers the tools to efficiently evaluate the success of their campaigns. Most companies will deliver you a pretty product - we deliver products that work.

Don't throw away your time and money with approximative buzzspeak and approximative promises. Most companies will promise incredible results but become awfully quiet when it's time to defend their work. SSC Group stands by you all the way, from the conception stage to the final evaluation. Our ultimate goal is the same as you: customer satisfaction.